,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

a little Introduction is in Order

Amber. 25. Poet. // An (on-hold) Psychology Student,
aspiring “Unconsciousness” researcher,, early riser.
Life-long learner. Jungian Enthusiast. Philosopher.

Bipolar. Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis. IBS.
Asthma. Lyme Disease. PTSD. GERD. Epilepsy.

Follow my journey as I work to evolve my mind, body & soul.

Split into 5 categories, this blog will not only be used to showcase my
journaling poetics but also to chronicle the progression of my illnesses,
self-study Personal University I have devised for myself, & life.        I want to build my knowledge of existence through
self-assigned essay-type pieces; romantic writing mixed with
scientific inquiry, hesitation & interest. Why? Well,

for me it is documentation. Having the manic-depressive mind I have,
mixed with the epilepsy & autoimmune disease I have suffered, this
has severely damaged
my memory recall. I need to find a way to remember & center my life, so I’m hoping

allchaosblog is the way to go.

Besides documentation though, my little Personal University was created in order to make my eventual return to Real University a breeze. I’m taking notes, annotating & rereading. Ask me why. //It’s fun.

& lastly, I’m doing this whole blogging thing because I believe being honest online could give another person out there the knowing that they are not alone. I know (because I have been told) that many see my reality of being sick as shameful. Well, I have decided to share & write past that, continue on & people will either mock me. Or believe me.

(University of Philosophical Research hopeful.)
(Writer for MAPS hopeful.)

In any case, consider clicking the follow button.
Consider bookmarking.
Consider commenting. I want discussion. I want corrections.
I want to chat. Let’s do this.



5 Responses to “a little Introduction is in Order”

      • katmphotography

        you are welcome – i like the psychology thread on wordpress – always something interesting and thought-provoking, such as this piece. i too am fascinated by archetypes – i wrote a piece, a while back, about Envy and Jealousy… as two sisters. just an exploration of this concept, stemming from a personal encounter with a jealous girl. lol


  1. allchaosblog

    You saying that made me check out your page some more & all I can say is: Whoa! haha. I love your style & subject matter. Super glad you liked & commented; now I know about your blog! I’m guessing you know about/are into Carl Jung?



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