a little Introduction is in Order

Amber. 26. Writer. // An (on-hold) Psychology
Student & (one day) researcher of the unconscious,,
(Definite) early riser. Nanny.

Poet. Life-long learner. Jungian Enthusiast. Philosopher. Bipolar Depression. Psoriasis. Arthritis. IBS. Asthma. Lyme Disease. PTSD. GERD. Epilepsy. Anxiety.

Follow my journey as I work to evolve my mind, body & soul.

Split into 3 categories, I’ll be updating daily happenings in my Letters to the World tag, putting pieces together in Writings & Poetry; as well, I’ll be trying my hand at talking about my lifestyle, spoonie-minded, with the category: Spoonie Stuff.

The goal? Document my thoughts for a future steady recall of my life & work. Why? // Well, having the manic-depressive mind I have,
mixed with the epilepsy & autoimmune disease I have suffered, this
has severely damaged my memory recall. I needed to find a way to remember & center my life, so I’m hoping allchaosblog is the way to go.

// Besides documentation though, I’m doing this whole blogging thing because I believe being honest online could give another person out there the knowing that they are not alone. I know (because I have been told) that many see my reality of being sick as shameful. Well, I have decided to share & write past that, continue on & people will either mock me. Or believe me. //

Feel free to stick to one tag, or explore ’em all!

In any case, consider clicking the follow button.
Consider bookmarking.
Consider commenting.
I want discussion. I want corrections. I want to chat.

Let’s do this.


5 thoughts on “a little Introduction is in Order

      1. you are welcome – i like the psychology thread on wordpress – always something interesting and thought-provoking, such as this piece. i too am fascinated by archetypes – i wrote a piece, a while back, about Envy and Jealousy… as two sisters. just an exploration of this concept, stemming from a personal encounter with a jealous girl. lol


  1. You saying that made me check out your page some more & all I can say is: Whoa! haha. I love your style & subject matter. Super glad you liked & commented; now I know about your blog! I’m guessing you know about/are into Carl Jung?


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