,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

Ver t ig o )) ) ) ))

I whirl past; my back, I see it shrunk, there before me &
face. I am only a bit out of my head. Something
to the left where I cannot look all the way at it. In fact,
the thoughts come up all blurry… The body wracked of seizures by
stillness then spinning, more stillness: Merry-go-round hold up

I rocket through!; that la la land beyond my head. Which is off, &
battered, & small. I’m in need of
waking up now. No more of this downdown, &
down unto a 
pitiful chamber of stagnate animation where
thoughts cannot dwell & only sensation truly reign. 

A horrible place. I’m

walking it as crawling this earth, but 
without knowledge as to the “wherefore”, well, then, 
I think I am done. //Wind knocks me down, picking me 
up only to blow me away. I am dizzy. I am dizzy.
I am dizzy. 


Smoke escapes. ,, I fall asleep like that.

 -Amber Renee


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