,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

Genetics: A Hidden Mythology

Genetic study provides first-ever insight into biological origin of schizophrenia

Landmark analysis reveals excessive “pruning” of connections between neurons in brain predisposes to schizophrenia.

Over the past five years, geneticists led by the Broad Institute’s Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research and its collaborators around the world collected more than 100,000 human DNA samples from 30 different countries to locate regions of the human genome harboring genetic variants that increase the risk of schizophrenia. The strongest signal by far was on chromosome 6, in a region of DNA long associated with infectious disease, causing some observers to suggest that schizophrenia might be triggered by an infectious agent. But researchers had no idea which of the hundreds of genes in the region was actually responsible or how it acted.

Based on analyses of the genetic data, McCarroll and Sekar focused on a region containing an unusual gene called complement component 4 (C4). Unlike most genes, C4 has a high degree of structural variability: different people have different numbers of copies and different types of the gene. McCarroll and Sekar developed a new molecular technique to characterize the C4 gene structure in human DNA samples. They also measured C4 gene activity in nearly 700 post-mortem brain samples. They found that the C4 gene structure (DNA) could predict the C4 gene activity (RNA) in each person’s brain – and used this information to infer C4 gene activity from genome data for 65,000 people with and without schizophrenia. These data revealed a striking correlation: patients who had particular structural forms of the C4 gene showed higher expression of that gene and, in turn, had a higher risk of developing schizophrenia.



(Timeline explored.)

I’ve spent time under the microscope meeting the so-called unintelligible particles we rely on. (Building blocks of life, they’re called.) Well, now it seems, at least I think, to me, that these molecular proteins in us all, are actually a collected many, & marching towards an evolutionary infinity like little shaman holding the power, knowing the secrets; though often deceived. Armed with personalities & families, goals. Magic. Myth. Society. They have society. They have individualization. They have intent.

(*) Malicious laughter while a
criminal gene plants agents of chaos into the offspring chemicals (children) of DNA. Mutations. (& yet I hesitate; is criminal really possible when morality is the creation of mind?)

A stamp across existence like cave markings blueprinting what to do next, scribbled on rung’ed ladder. Who left the plans behind?

To us that is the science of genetics.

To genetics it is god.


(What is science even looking for anyway?? If all anything, it’s to follow towards a ONE ANSWER so big it is ALL. //Because, in my opinion, well, if all is time moving forward —as we conscious ones tend to perceive— then, well, like chain reactions a family tree of sorts has microscopically evolved. But wait! A catalyst must present; we can agree this. //Single celled & finely multiplied. But what?)


So now I’m bubbling amid the blood like heat where the cellular becomes real & I understand their watery talk, their peddling & deals & phenomenology at a nonhuman level. Microscopic; shrunken & conscious. //The genetics all wear hats.

CLUE: This chromosome X^6 is like the sleepercell-masquerade presenting itself honestly in order to persuade itself into the family line,, only to bloom out with sickness. (*)

It’s a game of skillful chance,, I hold the cards & you hold the cards & if we can find the marker, we can acknowledge the truth: Spiritual DNA can be passed down by way of physical DNA myth. Neuro-divergence is real. Mental illness exists. & that these involve different combinations of peaceful, neutral & criminal intent. (But yes, I hesitate; is good v. evil really possible when morality is the creation of a human mind?)

Q: Is mental health then a creation too?

-Amber Renee


2 Responses to “Genetics: A Hidden Mythology”

  1. LeeSoyer

    Wow, great studies!
    Finding this gene can mean a lot of scientific progress on so many levels of humanity… which is not good when we (human beings) have a bad status quo for living as a society.
    Just look how in spite all advancements a lot of people suffer from hunger, poor quality lifestyle and mental diseases as depression


    • allchaos

      Thank you! I thought people might find the study interesting, glad you did! Maybe it’s written in the socital gene, a perchance for suffering?



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