,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

Acid Rap

[Sorry but in a moment of indulgence,
I just have to give praise in adoration this album…]

Because goodness, it truly lives up to its opening lines. Sung out by gospel budding-psychedelic lips, “even better than i was the last time baby, i’m good.” //It’s like, like Chance, in self-aware glory, guesses that odds are: this ain’t your first listen to. Or it shouldn’t be anyway… & even if it is, he acts so confidently in himself that,, seemingly, your trust is in his possession now. //& really, if you let it, then you’re extended a hand from the mind of a unique individual:: Chance The Rapper (& his many featured talents, each one of them killing it). Hip hop bringing clever superiority from anything i know: a counterculture (of rap, honestly. poetry. spoken word. all music honestly.) lovefest; a soundscape in flow, words & inflection: *sometimes the ferguson riots. *sometimes a band-aid after you scrape your knee & you’re six years old & your mom doesn’t take the time to disinfect it, but just kisses it instead. & you miss that. *sometimes hooligan perspective given an origin.

vision: cracking streets where wide-eyed kids swipe candy bars from their local convenience store & run, proud. (but sensitive, hardened & curious all at once.
not a thing to be ignored.) picture a rough storytelling of pain in the too-selfaware personality & as well, a blatant celebration of the soul, life & drugs. poetry. love. culture.

the human experience. // Genius tucked deep in the brain. //wordsmithery.

a kindof acid-soaked kendrick, if i don’t say so myself.
but uh, yeah. i’m just saying, let the music sweep you off your feet, take the ride this artist offers, transport to a certain kind of diary where heart is dropped & the party is yours & still you are deep in yourself experiencing life from the “perspective of the infinite”. //enjoy self-made motifs & themes. …its just worth a front to back listen to, is all i’m saying. //definitely an album that’s helped me tremendously.

“i know you scared, you should ask us if we scared too.”

-Spontaneous Weirdo Fangirling Pseudo-Essay Thing Whoops, Amber


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