,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

said one molecule to the next ,,

There you are, my serpent slither. Swirling stalking, descent vapor. You’re twirling cloud to ground, & all around. // I watch you wiggle like some bacteria flying petri dish-freed toward me in this overcast air. I can only fall. (*) Parasite, I’ll call you. Parasite, I know you. (*) In my cycles traveling these streams, puddles & oceans, thick ice, evaporating, thin air, high atmosphere, I wait. (*) I’ve met you before. // I think long ago & today, you are the predator quiet in the sky something as decomposed as me would never guess. (*)

Oh sadness. Oh despair.
Anguish. Absurdity in the air. ( ( ! ) )
You lunge my pathway as I’m busy the aether thoughts & we,, fall. (*)

// ha ha ha



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