,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

Dissociated Writing Piece,,

It’s a terrible bless,, //
being so vulnerably packed, crammed impossible tight inside this 4-limbed beast & with skin! caught by the trap of desire. Dionysus applauds. Did I ask for this?

The (mine, I forget to think) skin colors ,,
mark mine in submission.

Earthy brown, / tinges of red.

Blood! the great equalizer splitting us living up into codes & types. //It filters the you’s out from the I’s, enough so that (they) can tell you , your , me .

& then there’re the pairing our
multi-dimensional personalities with that of an ego’s blood/body,, her sacred complex astronomy (anatomy as far as scale goes), &
given rise to

the center of it all, & it all
so small; the Self. It’s
a tricky bargain.
Giving: tangible reality, concentration.
Taking: it all. //

& “it all” being our
other-worldly communication with the
contractor of
Grand Design. –Galaxy swirls & starry arms
facing ever forward, racing //in rogue orbit,, ,
Not looking where it’were going when –BAM!

I didn’t see that coming.

/// )) ) ) Combusting in ) ) ) – )
chaos redefined,
the collision of stars is more
than just



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