,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

Guess who’s back ??

Well, hey there.. 😅 ha.. ha..ha // It me.
Amber Renee, the bad-at-blogging poet.

Is that a niche?

I’m apt to assume this is your first read through from this chaos of a site. Though maybe it isn’t. & if that’s the case then, hey,, ! Thanks for delving in for another post. I hope you’re having a good read.

If this is your introduction to me, then let me suggest you hop on over to my ABOUT page. That’s where you’ll learn more about me & my illnesses, & the desires I have for this blog. Long story short: I’m definitely your friendly neighborhood spoonie with her nose stuck in 4 books at once, trying to learning something new about existence.

/ / / /

Anyway, it was only last Friday that I decided to, from here on out, maintain this blog with dedication & commitment. Honesty & transparency. I have universes inside of me just bouncing into each other, being boiled together trapped. & I feel hot, sweating with their rapid heat. I breathe in expansion theory; release, & feel my rib-cage crunch.

For now:: on Mondays, look for my longer posts.
& for snippets or updates, drop your email in the sidebar for notifications.

Well that’s my time, friends. Here’s hoping we meet again, through text & white space. I’m looking forward to this journey together.

–Amber Renee

PS. Don’t forget to add me on whatever social media you use. Links to my insta, facebook, bandcamp & youtube can be found under their appropriate icon.



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