,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

Welcome to Universe University //enrollment , you & me

Well, hey there. It me.
Amber the bad-at-blogging Renee.
It’s been awhile. (I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve started & have yet to complete.

But anyway!!)

I come to you today hoping to ensnare you with my latest craze, or maybe even enamor myself to see that I can do this; this keeping up my writing blog tool. See, I’m empty for words these days. There is a blockade keeping me out. All the feelings & pent up anguish over life & my situation have been, & must be, kept as quiet as a mouse; so much so that I feel them scamper about my bones, as though I were a hallow cage of who I could be. // BUT, aside from the emptiness, I’ve taken up writing my book again. I think that should be an accomplishment, but this book has been an on & off project for 8 years now, an ever evolving amoeba.

(The story is called Because Voice Said & is the poetic tale of the chaotic, beautiful & scary inner/outer life of main character Iris, a 20-something eclectic (picture: astral meets beach) witch, savior, farm girl, & local psychotic. The reader is meant to feel it, the insanity, lose their mind at the text & understand the importance of their life.)

Easy peasy, right? Yeah, right. Even though I’ve had a million ideas lately, I’ve mostly come to a halt in the actual writing. What’s left?

Welcome to Universe University

I never finished college. I got about 1 semester away from graduation & had a breakdown leading to me needing a pause button on everything. Well, once those student loan bills started rolling in, you could bet I haven’t been too eager to jump right back into paying for education. Forgive me.

So in lieu of proper schooling these past few years, I’ve made due with hoarding as many books as my makeshift home library will hold. Now you better bet the collection is real & I do believe it’s time I got to it. I may not be able to find the words in me for my novel quite right, so what’s the next best thing? Read.

& not just books, oh no. & don’t just read. I can’t make this easy on myself. See, by keeping strict notes on the categorized, systematically selected texts, I want to be able to have a resource of quotes & facts available for my eventual return to school. // Wanna see the list?

I wasn’t kidding. Spring & Fall bring me Writing, Philosophy, Jungian, & Science options. This leaves the rest to Winter & Summer.

Now, for this spring,

I have chosen 6 books I want to have accomplished studying by early-mid summer. These 6 books are my “spring semester.” Come summer I will begin summer readings. Come fall, new books again.

“The Will to Power” -Nietzsche
“Being & Nothingness” -Sartre
“Physics for Poets”-March
“The Universe in a Nutshell” -Hawking
“The Archetypes & The Collective Unconscious” -Jung
“Active Imagination” -Jung

From each book this spring I’m choosing to spend my time with, after reading & learning from them, I want to write 1, maybe 2 essays comparing their ideologies against each other, & 1 essay which will be persuasive in some way.

I just hope to better understand myself, others, existence, my novel & also be ready for any essay a philosophy professor might throw my way.

I also hope to keep you updated on the journey.

Wish me luck:)


PS. What do you think about my reading list? Anything on there you would or have read?


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