,, In all disorder, a secret order. — Carl Jung

Notes: Consciousness & the Brain

Clawing my way from the depths.
Too busy breathing, can’t talk.//Just books, just thoughts.


As far as current masking experiments in neuropsychology have shown:

  •  Sight enters the eyes & is streamed forward into the brain,
    & so forces the brain to decipher (let alone consider) its neural possibilities of response towards these outside (out-of-body) stimuli, or sight (as is our example right now). Now, it can be said, I suppose, that it is in this sensory-reflection moment occurring in the brain (STIMULUS -> COMPUTE -> RESPONSE) that is where it happens. See, having to think sets us a tick behind that ongoing outside (out-of-body) world existing around our naturalborn bodies which are forced to constantly be adjusting to the change of homeostasis around us. Naturally. Better stated & more marginalizing is that nothing, no one, not the external word down to it, living & certainly not the inorganic, no, nothing operates on the same timeline of space & reality universal as, well, individually, you & me. //We’re happening at inconsistent rates of time with some of us faster, some of us slower & life flashing by like a flipbook thumbed for each & all their own (40-46) .
  • Ask “how this subjective experience can arise from a brain dysfunction” ? (44)
    • What does this look like for the brain?
    • What does this entail in the mind?
      • this “subjective experience” being the ability for the consciousness that our species (humans & as far as we know, nothing else) have, of course.
      • “brain dysfunction” being a phrase I would not have used, personally. No, instead something better showing that there is no correct nor any incorrect, but that only inclusion-oriented, spectrum-accepting thought can & should prevail. //(Statistics accounts for the avg., the measured, measurable & often the general rules, which stand up to scientific inquiry & give testable logical repetition; this we can be sure. But can this be the end? Can that be science & all other views nothing? -I digress).

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