Acid Rap

[Sorry but in a moment of indulgence, I just have to give praise in adoration this album…] Because goodness, it truly lives up to its opening lines. Sung out by gospel budding-psychedelic lips, “even better than i was the last time baby, i’m good.” //It’s like, like Chance, in self-aware glory, guesses that odds are:Continue reading “Acid Rap”

identity pride //

I’ve never celebrated a pride month.  See, I’ve always identified with my assigned birth gender, a she/her woman & I’ve always assumed I was straight. Why not? I have no desire to touch or even see a boob. I have no place in pride spaces, I’d thought. (& pretty much still do. Yikes.) Background:: IContinue reading “identity pride //”

, ,i’m in it ,

So it’s 9a on a show day. & I’m due to perform at the Tattooed Mom tonight in Philly. (EXTRA EXTRA STEP RIGHT UP: | DOORS 7PM | FREE POETRY EVENT,, hint: shameless self promotion.) But I’m weary from standing in this grey & electric hail storm called life, immobile & slow while just nextContinue reading “, ,i’m in it ,”

&,, exact situation repeated,,, 2018

June 1, 2016 Wow world. //so I’m sitting here (1244 at night) all wide eyed & depressed-like, right? & I’m writing. & I’m outside. Man, though, am I inside this little description I’ve got going on. Inside the words. I feel them dainty & honest, (gross, unnerving). Frank without being dry. [a painting of aContinue reading “&,, exact situation repeated,,, 2018”

Genetics: A Hidden Mythology

Genetic study provides first-ever insight into biological origin of schizophrenia Landmark analysis reveals excessive “pruning” of connections between neurons in brain predisposes to schizophrenia. “Over the past five years, geneticists led by the Broad Institute’s Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research and its collaborators around the world collected more than 100,000 human DNA samples from 30Continue reading “Genetics: A Hidden Mythology”

Zen Ramblings ‘ “

:: The following is a diary entry made by a teenaged me. (So keep that in mind.) The instructions I have left myself, knowing & not knowing about my muddied mind & how it would never hold the memories, here are simple. A sort of fake it till you make it. //Habits form & muscle memory makesContinue reading “Zen Ramblings ‘ “”

, , , a passa,ge to, pass, th,e t,im,e, , , , , ,

2.25.18 // & some days are you tv marathoning “four weddings”, a (you guessed it) wedding gameshow (who throws the best, the #1, the greatest (you guessed it) wedding), while the boyf you’re in love with dozes in the computer chair he broke, but it’s just as perfect anyway, next to you in your twin-size bed inContinue reading “, , , a passa,ge to, pass, th,e t,im,e, , , , , ,”

through the mind,, ,

I feel like a lonely island, we’re all lonely islands and nobody knows. //We see each other’s smoke signals & call it humanity. //We see each other’s smoke signals & claim to know the archaic souls blowing the embers up to animation, but we can only guess through the fire’s dance. I believe we areContinue reading “through the mind,, ,”

handwritten notes will never go out of style, ,,

PERSONAL NOTES TAKEN WHILE READING THE DIVIDED SELF BY L.D. LAING ~  click individual pictures below to read highlights   * to be perused at leisure & pondered on * * Clarification write up to follow * * as soon as I get it together *

thoughts on THOUGHTS, pt.s 1-3

THOUGHTS ON THIS MOST RECENT EPISODE is a collection of poems written by myself that deal with the incredible feelings I was subject to during an episode lasted at least 4 months. During this time I was near-crisis & agitated, miserable, depressed & hyperactive, isolating & quiet, creative, all-knowing, angry & The Void Herself allContinue reading “thoughts on THOUGHTS, pt.s 1-3”